5 tips for choosing the perfect lighting for your home

The lighting has been gaining ground in interior decoration, from being a purely functional to wield considerable influence in the latest decorative element. With these five tips for choosing the perfect lighting for your home, you can combine utility, design and style in a perfect lighting and always adapted to your home. The balance is […]

How to make a functional Hall

The hall of our home is a letter of presentation, not only of our house, but of ourselves, as the decor that we chose says a lot about us. But the design of the lobby, we have to be practical, as well as aesthetics, so today we review how to make a functional hall. By […]

How can you decorate your kitchen?

Women always love to keep their kitchen clean and neat with the unique and best accessories so as to decorate their kitchen well. Now-a-days you can find wide range of options for decorating your kitchen. There are different stores in the market as well as online where you can actually checkout the huge list of […]

Lighting Tips for Entertainment Centers and Media Rooms

Internet and satellite TV bundles will give you everything you need to connect to television shows, live sporting events, movies and streaming services. But the setup of the entertainment space is up to you. The television is always the main focus, as it should be; however, many people overlook one of the most important design […]

7 proposals to change the look of a room

A new season and you’re bored of seeing the same room, it longs to you for a new panorama, but no change in substance and without investing a lot of money, and it is possible with these seven proposals to change the look of a room. The details are the key and on many occasions, […]

The black color for decoration is going strong

There is a color that is always in decor, but few dare to add, it is the black. However, the black color for decoration is going strong and if you know how to use it will bring style and fashion to your home. Leave behind the prejudices, open your mind and, especially, your home to […]

Tips for choosing the perfect fireplace for your home

The fireplace has lost functionality and won in style in the homes of today. Find out these tips for choosing the perfect fireplace for your home what you can incorporate into your living room. Fireplaces have stopped to be a basic function in the home, to become more an object of decoration and style; however, […]

Energy Saving Tips for Homeowners

Owning a home is a wonderful thing, but it can be extremely expensive. The mortgage, the taxes, the insurance and all of the utility bills – the price of owning a home quickly adds up. If you’re like most homeowners, you probably want to save as much money as possible, and one of the best […]

Carpets that give warmth to your home

Many are the advantages provided by the carpets in a home, but if you want carpets that give warmth to your home, there are some details you should know and look for when choosing and buying perfect carpet. The carpets offer is currently very wide in all directions, so that if you need or want […]

How to prepare a wall for painting

Cleaning or change of style, if you’re going to paint in your home, the first thing you should know is how to prepare a wall for painting, although not complicated, it is a definitive step so that the final result is expected. The state of the wall that you have to paint, as well as […]