Update your reading corner at home

Housing changes by fashions and needs. A reading corner at home is one of those spaces that need an immediate update to welcome the new technologies for leisure and reading. Comfort should be the priority in your reading corner at home, the style and the adaptation to your specific needs complete the three keys that […]

Do you know how to decorate a mirror?

Few houses survive without mirrors are functional and decorative elements that are essential in everyday life. Knowing how to decorate a mirror for the bathroom or other spaces, will allow you to style your home. Do you need a DIY idea to renovate a bathroom mirror? Here you have DIY mirror frames that you can […]

5 tricks to achieve that your house is relaxing and cozy

The importance of the environment in which you rest is fundamental if you want to improve your physical and mental state. Discover these 5 tricks to achieve your house relaxing and cozy to enjoy your time and your privacy. Take time to think that something is missing to your home, this detail, this atmosphere that […]

Pros and Cons of Built-in Faucets

Before deciding to face the work involved in hiding part of a faucet, it is imperative that you know and weigh the pros and cons of built-in faucets, although these are fashionable not always the best option. There is a lot of myth and some truths evident between the pros and cons of built-in faucets: […]

How to Hire a Window Cleaner for Home or a Small Business

Window cleaning may seem like an easy job, but it’s not so when the household or the building is large. Certain conditions call for window cleaners to get on dangerous scaffolding or ascend and descend buildings. All this is in addition to getting grime and dirt off windows, which in itself requires knowledge and know-how. […]

How to calculate the square meters

You have several ways to calculate the square meters of a room, for example, or any other stay. Do you want to know how? We explained it to you. First a little theory: square meters serve to measure an area, a space. You will see that measurement in planes or in references on the extent […]

Can I install a hanging bed in my house?

You do not need much budget or more space than you have, if you want to install a hanging bed in your bedroom. Do not miss the opportunity to turn your room into a design space. Thinking about a hanging bed can lead to scenarios of luxury and unattainable magazines of decoration, but nothing further […]

Ideas for interior decoration for windows

Each space in the house needs a unique personality and style to make us feel truly comfortable in our home, and one of the best ways to dramatically change the appearance of a room is by modifying the elements that form a window (curtain, glass, frame …). When talking about ideas for interior decoration of […]

Shower or bathtub: What to choose?

The choice of bathtub or shower is often conditioned to the size of the bathroom, however, you must also think about the advantages and disadvantages of each of the pieces. Shower trays are designed especially for homes where there are elderly people, because of their difficulties at the time to be addressed in a bathtub; […]

Renew your terrace: Tips to create a small garden

If your apartment has a balcony or small terrace, you have probably considered turning it into your own garden on more than one occasion. Some people are discouraged when reviewing the list of things to keep in mind when we want to create a mini-garden, so we decided to write this article including a series […]